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 Innovative Respiratory Solutions Rx 
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Innovative Respiratory (IRSRx) is a distributor for the Aerogen Pro-X System. This system is provided as a key component of our focused Respiratory Medications Administration Program.


IRSRx provides this Program throughout the US through the Phoenix “Respiratory Care Provider Network“ 


IRSRx provides this Program exclusively to Skilled Nursing Facilities, within the continental US, as part of a clinically based program for qualified residents.


IRSRx provides Focused Medication Management which will be a menu driven model with options including education, on-site assessments, all-inclusive per-diem rates and “rent to own” options.


IRSRx will be offering a unique comprehensive medication management program using the Aerogen Pro-X System, the NICaS Hemodynamic System with coordinated medication management through Remedi Senior Care (a Phoenix Healthcare Partner).

Note: The Phoenix Healthcare Network targets primarily large Medicare populations and concentrates on states with large numbers of skilled facilities. 

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